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Walking in the Air

A tribute to Marc & Eric Brueland


"If miracles happen in this day and time, then it did with the story of Marc Brueland and Tuomas Holopainen...Two souls on different sides of the world were drawn together by a mere song...a little-known song, but one that was deeply imbedded in both their hearts...'Walking in the Air'."

Marc jacket

Marc Brueland was a Lead Animator for a local San Diego film company when he was diagnosed with a rare liver cancer, Fibrolamellar Hepatocellular Carcinoma.

This sudden diagnosis changed the course of his life forever. His heroic ability to fight this disease, surgery after surgery, bouncing back to draw his art and continue to be a local DJ at a gothic/industrial club in San Diego was nothing but inspirational.

Brueland family

But the happen chance of him finding Nightwish through the song "Walking in the Air" and his one and only meeting with Tuomas in Atlanta, GA in 2003 resulted in the song "Higher Than Hope", a tribute to Marc following his tragic death.


He was truly an Oceansoul of America and one that will always be remembered by his story and through the music of his beloved Nightwish...

Together Walking in the Air
Marc Brueland: October 7th, 1973-October 25th, 2003
Eric Brueland: July 9th, 1939-November 11th, 2007

"Higher than hope my cure lies..."

Marc makeup